Beyond testing: ensuring optimal perfomance of your electronic products.

Specialists in High-Performance test systems

Full development of test & measurement systems

Expertise and full support on automotive test technologies

Automated handling and vision systems integration

iKohm test systems provides product verification and validation solutions to the electronics industry. Based in Santa Anita Jalisco, is currently supporting international electronic companies that are doing business in México.









About iKohm

iKohm Test Systems offers products and services to ensure proper functionality of our customer's products, supporting product testing through the complete development cycle.
We have 20 years of accumulated experience supplying products and services to validate our customer's products.
iKohm Test Systems has supported many customers to successfully validate their products during development phase and to achieve a safe launch to manufacturing.

Our mission

Create solutions and provide high quality services to ensure the correct product functionality of the electronics industry.
We collaborate with our customers by providing world class engineering test solutions, through innovation, creativity and knowledge.

Our vision

Position ourselves as leaders in the electronic testing technologies industry, recognized by the high quality of our deliverables and innovation in products and services, focusing on complete satisfaction of our customers.

Our Values

Client focus

We meet or exceed our commitments.
We give timely response to projects and to our customers.
We maintain an effective communication with our customers and measure their satisfaction.

Technological leadership

We generate and propose ideas.
We constantly assess and improve our technical skills.
We get the necessary certifications to execute our work.

Excellence and continuous improvement

We learn from our mistakes to improve as an organization.
We review what we do before delivering and we assume the consequences of our actions.
We seek for optimization in our activities and processes.

Respect and teamwork

We respect others without differentiating gender, race or beliefs.
We promptly communicate situations that may affect projects or put the work or the integrity of others at risk.
We understand that the success of our company depends on teamwork, synergy and empathy.

Our Solutions

Our expertise covers the entire product lifecycle - from product design to production.

Contact us

For more information about iKohm test solutions, please contact us!

Business and support

T. +52 33 33 31 37 68

iKohm Soluciones S.A. de C.V.
Privada Manuel Acuña #285
Santa Anita, Tlaquepaque, Jalisco, México

Last update August 2022