Load Boxes and Diagnostic Stations image

Load Boxes and Diagnostic Stations

Load boxes can simulate analog and digital signals and monitor outputs. Load boxes are an excellent tool for debugging activities during product development. The mechanical enclosure can be designed according to our customer specifications and needs. More common enclosures are bench boxes, racks or suit cases.

We can integrate any type of loads, diagnostics tools, special hardware. We can develop load boxes directly from product schematic and define bill of materials (BOMs), schematics, space management models, 2D drawings and 3D models for mechanical parts.

Ikohm can develop the diagnostics software application. In these types of applications our company has gained vast experience over the years integrating technologies such as CAN, LIN, USB and Ethernet for the diagnostics of electronic products.

These are some of the advantages of our load boxes and Diagnostic Stations:

  • Pre visualization of the mechanical design for temperature and space management
  • Load box electronic design based on product schematics
  • Integration of any type of loads
  • Integration of communication interfaces
  • Integration of mechanical interfaces like fixtures
  • Integration of internal power supplies and measurement equipment
  • Design of robust enclosures