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Life Time Testing (LTT) Systems

Ikohm Solutions has 20 years of experience developing test systems for Life Time Testing of electronic products.

Our test platform can be used in any environmental test (temperature, humidity, vibration, etc.) and can control and monitor a large variety of laboratory equipment like temperature and humidity chambers, vibration tables, etc.

Ikohm solutions Life Time Testing platform meets the requirement to test multiple UUTs (unit under test). It can independently stimulate inputs and log measurement for multiple UUTs.

These are some of the advantages of our test platform for Life Time Testing:

  • Handles independent communication channels (CAN, LIN) for each UUT
  • Integrates product customized loads (real or simulated loads)
  • Supports high current requirements
  • Monitors and logs any variable of the system: Voltages, current, Inputs and outputs states
  • User can edit alarm systems to execute particular actions for expected or unexpected events (lost of power, reach a determined number of failed tests, etc.)
  • Controls and monitors temperature, humidity or vibration profiles automatically using a variety of communication interfaces (RS232, GPIB, Ethernet)