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End of Line Testers (EOL)

Ikohm develops functional testers to validate the manufacturing process of electronic products. Our functional testers can simulate any type of inputs (analog, digital, frequency, PWMs) and can monitor any type of outputs (HS, LS, bridge, frequency, PWMs among others). The mechanical enclosure is designed to meet specific customer requirements.

Complete solutions for functional testers are offered by Ikohm. We can develop these testers directly from final product schematic. We can integrate any test equipment and tools to the test system. This includes equipment and communication tools for CAN, LIN, MOST, PXI, USB, GPIB, etc.

Test applications are developed using high level software packages like Microsoft Visual Studio, NI LabView and we can integrate test sequencers like NI Test Stand and Agilent Test Exec. We can deliver EOL bill of materials (BOMs), tester schematics, space management models, 2D drawings and 3D models for mechanical parts.

These are some of the advantages of our test platform for EOL Testing:

  • Pre visualization of the mechanical design for temperature and space management
  • Electronic design based on product schematic
  • Integration of communication interfaces (CAN, LIN)
  • Integration of mechanical interfaces (fixtures)
  • Automation of fixtures, safety mechanisms and alarm systems
  • Integration of vision systems for test applications of product special characteristics
  • Integration of EMC shielded boxes for RF applications